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Has actually Changed Their Particular Techniques Or Will They Be However Scamming Folks?

This really is a follow up video to a
analysis we did on
. Whatever you determined ended up being that MegaFlirt was certainly a scam, it’s not real and it also never ended up being. Some of that information is found directly on the front web page of these site in which they acknowledge to making use of computer-generated digital profiles, which can be generally a fake profile. Straight back on December 31st we did an assessment and in addition we demonstrated in crystal cClear information why the site is actually fake and why it is a fraud, the reason why it isn’t genuine therefore we actually also reveal a few of the artificial profiles and in which the phony profiles tend to be noted on some other web sites. We explore the way they utilize a computer-generated pages, automated robot products etc. If you would like be aware of the truth about Mega Flirt becoming a scam and why it’s still a fraud a couple of years later on subsequently just
go through the website link
. The comprehensive review provides you with portion by piece proof revealing you the reason why the website’s a fraud. We wanted to bring light to this web site once more because it’s however operating over a year-and-a-half and there’s no law enforcement viewing them! absolutely nothing has actually happended on the owners and they’re nonetheless making hundreds of thousands, perhaps maybe even hundreds of thousands tearing folks off.

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7 responses

  • Gerry Gaumond


    Megaflirt. Com cost  me personally three months

    Wen we purchase 1 several months

  • Gary


    Yeah a scam….if you want to determine if it is a scam type in a really small town and see if the readily available females outnumber the population!

    • Alan


      I type in my town plus it shows about 38 ladies yet there is just 20 homes and I do not recognise some of the women

  • Doug Olivieri


    All out-of-the-US companies ( functioning offshore acquiring rich) are scamming dating sites of all types. This website is one of all of them. FTC is not stopping them.

  • Greg Bohm


    Worse than a scam! If the scammer/s running this great site happened to be in West Virginia, US…would be feed for pets. An easy task to hide behind internet. Amuse face. I think the web site should sometimes monitor for scrap similar to this and step-on the cockroaches that use it.

  • Mike Lapin


    Exactly what a scam. The girls state the same crap. Are they all of this shitty?

  • Nicky


    Has actually this website used individuals real pictures from exact same area to manufacture a profile? I discovered someone i am aware upon it as well as stated they did not make profile

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