Located just 10 mins from Downtown and 15 mins from Beverly Hill lies Los Angeles’s only 100% Natural Hot Springs Spa. The spa is fed by a strong flow of 96- to 105-degree water from the artesian well that Richard S. Grant found when he bought the land–then a wheat field–to subdivide for a housing development in 1910. Dug near the turn of the century by drillers looking for oil, the 2,200-foot well supplied water to early residents of the area near Western Avenue and Beverly Boulevard until city water mains were installed in 1915. Later the Water was sold as drinking water bottled as “Wonder Water” under the Angelus Club label with the slogan “Nature’s Own Formula”. The water was especially popular among red-eyed men who found the sodium bicarbonate and other minerals it contains soothing on Monday mornings.

Business flagged after World War II, however, and the stream of bacteria-free water was turned down to a feeble flow just strong enough to keep clear the one pipe coming from the well. It wasn’t till 1984 when the well was “rediscovered” and built what is now the Beverly Hot Springs Spa. Where visitors around the world come to bathe in one of the most mineral rich hot springs in the world right in the heart of Los Angeles.

‘Beneficial to Many’

According to a chemical analysis made in 1931, the alkaline water contains silica, iron and aluminum oxides, magnesium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate and sodium chloride.
The major mineral, at 82.6 grains per gallon, is sodium bicarbonate, according to the report by Smith-Emery Co., a testing firm. The presence of these mineral salts are considered beneficial in cases of acidity in the stomach which can be the leading cause of rheumatism and similar ailments.

Balneotherapy is the practical study and application of the health benefits of water. It is believed that Hot Springs water help stimulate circulation, relax muscles, combat fatigue, alleviate skin disease and cure arthritis, anemia, neuralgia (painful nerve disorder), high blood pressure and certain gastrointestinal diseases. Many believe the Mineral Springs water gives them a healthier and smoother skin.

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