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Located just 10 mins from Downtown and 15 mins from Beverly Hill lies Los Angeles’s only 100% Natural Hot Springs Spa. The spa is fed by a strong flow of 96- to 105-degree water from the artesian well that Richard S. Grant found when he bought the land–then a wheat field–to subdivide for a housing development in 1910. Dug near the turn of the century by drillers looking for oil, the 2,200-foot well supplied water to early residents of the area near Western Avenue and Beverly Boulevard until city water mains were installed in 1915. Later the Water was sold as drinking water bottled as “Wonder Water” under the Angelus Club label with the slogan “Nature’s Own Formula”. The water was especially popular among red-eyed men who found the sodium bicarbonate and other minerals it contains soothing on Monday mornings.

Business flagged after World War II, however, and the stream of bacteria-free water was turned down to a feeble flow just strong enough to keep clear the one pipe coming from the well. It wasn’t till 1984 when the well was “rediscovered” and built what is now the Beverly Hot Springs Spa. Where visitors around the world come to bathe in one of the most mineral rich hot springs in the world right in the heart of Los Angeles.

‘Beneficial to Many’

According to a chemical analysis made in 1931, the alkaline water contains silica, iron and aluminum oxides, magnesium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate and sodium chloride.
The major mineral, at 82.6 grains per gallon, is sodium bicarbonate, according to the report by Smith-Emery Co., a testing firm. The presence of these mineral salts are considered beneficial in cases of acidity in the stomach which can be the leading cause of rheumatism and similar ailments.

Balneotherapy is the practical study and application of the health benefits of water. It is believed that Hot Springs water help stimulate circulation, relax muscles, combat fatigue, alleviate skin disease and cure arthritis, anemia, neuralgia (painful nerve disorder), high blood pressure and certain gastrointestinal diseases. Many believe the Mineral Springs water gives them a healthier and smoother skin.

The Beverly Hot Springs has an elegant, but congenial and comfortable atmosphere of stone and tile with a man-made rock waterfall and lovely Oriental flower arrangements. Its mineral waters offer an ideal way to relax the body and “clear” the mind.Separate facilities for men and women include hot and cold pools, steam and dry herbal saunas, shower, powder room and lounge areas.


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  • Beverly Hot Springs has one of the larger hot soaking pools in town, so big that you can almost swim across it, surrounded by ferns and statues of frogs and Buddha. Sit in the figure-eight pool, the walls like caves, your book shut in the dim light; the cure works up from your feet

    -Los Angeles Times
  • Get the 'Body Care, Body Scrub' Combo. They use real yogurt and honey all over your body and grate fresh cucumber on your face. You will leave a new person!

    -Kate Bosworth
  • Built over the city’s only natural hot springs and fueled by a 105-degree artesian well. We love to come and soak in the hot and cold therapeutic mineral-water pools, but the roster of treatments is compelling on its own. A powerful dose of AHAs and topical probiotics help clear congestion in the Pure Acne Oxygenating Facial, while the TCA Peel is enormously effective at helping to soften hyperpigmentation, support collagen, smooth lines, and brighten skin.

  • This is one of the more luxurious spas in Koreatown -- built atop a natural hot-spring, they offer slippers, robes, plenty of water, and tea. You might want to steam or soak in the mineral-rich hot water before you’re scrubbed, rubbed, and slathered in oil upon a vinyl massage table, doused in buckets of hot water and washed like Cleopatra in warm gallons of milk (yes, seriously). Your name is your locker number, while your ahjumma (scrub lady) attends to every nook, cranny, and crevice of your naked body with her hands until you melt into a soft puddle like soon tofu. A mask made of ice-cold grated cucumber covers your face. Total bliss out. You can get used to this kind of thing.

  • Its real mineral springs are very healing, and the body scrubs are amazing

    –Mena Suvari
  • The most unlikely place you will find me is naked at the Beverly Hot Springs. It is a traditional Korean bathhouse where you soak in natural hot springs and get scrubbed, massages and cleansed to within an inch of your life. They even wash your hair. You feel clean and happy afterwards."

    -Liv Tyler
  • The Best hidden secret in L.A. - Beverly Hot Springs is the only natural mineral thermal spa in Los Angeles. The balmy waters of the Hot Springs gush from a natural artesian well 2,200 feet beneath.

    -Ray L., Foursquare
  • Yes it's true this place is great. I have been due a facial for a very long time. My skins been dull and lifeless this season. So with a big event coming I knew it was time. I met with Kathy and she suggested I go with the Vitamin C facial. I was at her complete mercy and agreed. I love the serenity of the room with the soft music in the background. I almost fell asleep! Her hands are very soft yet firm when she does her facial and when she was massaging my neck and arms I felt like butter. But the real test is how my skin looked.. I saw an instant difference. I asked her how I can see such immediate results and she said they only use the best quality natural products and also her skills of course.. the next day some of my friends actually thought I did some "work" which of course I didn't.. I just have to review because of this great experience.. I've been a customer of the Hot Springs for many years but never tried their facial since I've had my own I was going to but she moved a little further than I would drive.

    -Sam L., Yelp
  • What a great place. Natural hot springs in the middle of the city, it's fantastic! We didn't get a spa treatment but for $30 you can use the facilities for two hours. . They have a great hot pool with mineral water, a cold pool, steam room, dry sauna and a room to relax. We went on a weeknight, it was very quiet, very relaxing and the hot springs water feels amazing on your skin. I just wish it would be a few degrees colder so it is easier to hang in the water for a long time.

    –H. G., Yelp
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